e.j. hofferber
see also: gentle tasaday, conservative snizz

e.w. hagstrom
see also: cock e.s.p., wrong

at times a kaleidoscopic soundtrack for high-risk behavior: indulgences in vice alternately presented as legitimate male rites of passage and as the cold rush of extreme sports. instruments and non-instruments combine to create dark atmospheres where altered states of body and mind are celebrated and codified. at other times pure aural catarsis providing a peek into the exhaustion of crippling lethargy and the brain chemical reactions leading to clinical depression.

mp3 files:
- "mud dunk" (muddunk.mp3) from 7-inch + split cd
- excerpt from "extranauseous" cdr (extraex.mp3)
- more available on our myspace page.

- untitled lathe-cut 7-inch (2003, sunship)
- v/a "hurts so good" cock e.s.p. remix cd (2003, v/vm)
- "extranauseous" cdr, (2004, destyl)
- split cassette w/ cock e.s.p. (2004, fdde)
- v/a "fok rotkop" 3-inch cdr (2005, audiobot/imvated/jelly)
- split cd with dolores dewberry (2005, sunship + 5 other labels)
- v/a "mélange-a-trois" cdr (2006, e.f. tapes)


the amputease (1994-1997):
mr. hagstrom and mr. hofferber's previous project - freeform experimental music ranging from extreme feedback with scrap metal percussion, to the subtle latent sound of small objects. most recordings were realized in the basement of a minneapolis record store, with the exception of a double cassette release featuring recordings made in several bathrooms throughout the city. performed live several times, including an infamous set at the 7th street entry where the duo was covered in corn syrup and rolled around in mud. releases included a split 7-inch with impact test and numerous cassettes. special guest musicians included erik wivinus of skyeklad, salamander and barlow/petersen/wivinus.

mp3 file:
- "stump" (stump.mp3) from a 1996 7-inch

origami republika (1990-present):
is the main enzyme with a number of subunits, each holding a main focus; dealing with a specific cultural or musical style, genre, philosophy, format or method. the meme is planted firmly in the soil of the international cultural exchange network, and from there it is intended to grow at its own phase. ad infinitum. the various units of origami republika have been present in public 200-300 times in 25 countries; presenting concerts and sessions, happenings, performances, exhibitions, via mail art shows, collaborations and gatherings, in the streets and in secrecy, on radioshows and more, always facing as extremely varied target groups as possible. art at the rock club. rock at the art space.