Moving Pictures

Our newest moving pictures, Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks and Hansel and Gretel, combine projection of original magic lantern slides with projection of a moving picture of live actors and dolls/puppets.



Other moving pictures we have made:

Strange Universe, 3 min
Magic Powders, 3 min
Abstraction of Flowers, 3 min
Carosel, 3 min
Shadow Puppets, 3 min
What it Feels Like to Be Run Over, 2 min
The Chrysalis, 4 min
She Appeared Only When He Thought of Her, 5 min
The Fate That Awaits Us All, 4 min
The Fright of the Forgotten Flandish Doll, 2 min
Devil Dancing, 2 min
Magic Powders, 2 min