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New York 1996
"Destroy All Phi-Phenomena" - 159 Rivington - August 25, 1996
Malta, Rexor, Woe is Me, Emil Hagstrom, Customer Service, Sean Smuda, Foe Toe, (sic), Jeff Mad Dog

"Me and My Phi-Phenomena" - Middle East Cafe - May 1, 1997
Shriek, QXW, Gland, Tic Tac Toe, Cottin KS, Skin Crime, Keith Broomfield

New York 1998
"In the Valley of Phi-Phenomena" - 159 Rivington - October 18, 1998
Crank Sturgeon, Gaylord Pasternak, Cock E.S.P., Virgo, Bengaloon, Exercise in Disgust, Duck Attack, 8 2, Homonculi, Sporangia

"Phi-Phenomena is a Girl's Best Friend" - Soap Factory - July 25, 1999
Unconditional Loathing, Rexor, Buffo, Poet 1955, Paul's Enemy is Bathing, Luftmensch, 200 Year Old Wolf Pussy, Jindra, Octopi

Los Angeles
"Phi-Phenomena Never Forgets" - The Fold - May 31, 2000
Cock E.S.P., Gang Wizard, Erinys, |||, John Wiese, Laundryroom Squelchers, Sarah Woodward, Wrong Dimension Boy, 0

Miami Phi Week, March 8-15, 2001

"Warm-Up Mixer" - Thursday March 8th - Churchill's Pub, Little Haiti
Pengo, Cock E.S.P., Nuuj, U Can Unlearn Guitar, Laundryroom Squelchers, Dopee Francisco

"Electronica Patio Mob" - Friday March 9th - Churchill's Back Patio, Little Haiti
Curd Duca, Rexor, Nuuj, Pengo, U Can Unlearn Guitar, Plutonium Pie, Roger (Monotract)

"To Live and Let Phi-Phenomena" - Saturday March 10th - Churchill's Pub, Little Haiti
Wrong, Newton, Dopee Francisco, Nuuj, Pengo, Dixie Prix (as Cock E.S.P.), U Can Unlearn Guitar, Landryroom Squelchers, Doersam, Juan Montoya, The Suck, Xela Zaid (full set), Mr Entertainment and the Tiny Show (full set)

"Dixie Prix Pool Party" - Sunday March 11th - North Miami Beach

"Miami Beach Recording Studio & Beer Party" - Monday March 12th - Miami Beach

"Who Wants to Be A Phi-Phenomena?" - Tuesday March 13th - Boca Pub, Boca Raton
Cock E.S.P., Doersam, The Suck, U Can Unlearn Guitar, Dixie Prix, Rexor, The Greg featuring the Rick, Newton, Finkbeiner, Laundryroom Squelchers

"Don't Drink the Phi-Phenomena" - Wednesday March 14th -Live Internet, Miami Beach
U Can Unlearn Guitar, Rexor, Newton, Finkbeiner, The Suc,k Dixie Prix, Doersam, Late, Jeff, Laundryroom Squelchers

"Closer" - Thursday March 15th - Churchill's Pub, Little Haiti
Newton, late, Finkbeiner, U Can Unlearn Guitar, Dopee Francisco, Laundryroom Squelchers

Brooklyn 2003
"Weapons of Phi-Phenomena" - North Six - December 5, 2003
Stay Fuckin' Rad, Knifestorm, Michael Przytarski, Workbench, Dyke Guido Tard Party, Ra'sh Katan, The Sunshine Will, The M-Word, Newton, Octis

Brooklyn 2005
"Hanging by a Phi Phenomena" - The Lucky Cat - December 10, 2005
Freeway, mi or and the pedestals, Crib Death, Gunung Sari, thegibbon, Rip Childs, The Ball Governor, MIRKY THREATS, Ghost Wars, Religious Knives