an "a to z" of smell & quim - part one of three

Acidopholous sounds similar to Acidocephalus which is no doubt better for buying hats than is Hydrocephalus. Arson is (with the right insurance cover) often the means of turning a white elephant into Gold - modern alchemy. Ale is also Beer.

Beer is king, and slips down a treat with Blood Pudding (aka Black Pudding) fried with Black Forest Ham and Shallots. The U.S. Budweiser bottle tells us that it is the King of Beers. The Czech Budweiser Budvar bottle tells us it is the Beer of Kings! None of this really matters at all. Frank in the film "Blue Velvet" favors Pabst Blue Ribbon. Home-Brew is both cheap and good. Bestiality can be fun to watch, and the Alsatian never seems to be complaining in those porno flicks you sometimes see. Those German Shepherds get better looking chicks to screw than most of you guys will ever get close to. No such problems for Smell & Quim members, who have German Shepherd outfits and lube galore.

Censorship is what happens to these types of films and this type of activity. Taboo! (See FREUD on TABOO - try The Complete Works) Smell & Quim have had their share of hassle from those who would censor our cultural inputs! Often this takes the form of offense taken to our packagings and covers. However, the work needs its package, its clothing, its Costume.


Drugs can be recreational, or a form of maintenance. Lisa Suckdog propounds that "Drugs are Nice" and this can certainly (if not per se) be seen thus, especially in the recreational sphere. If we are to believe Albert Goldman, Elvis Presley's use of drugs couldn't have been further from the recreational category, and firmly fitted the role of maintaining a routine or regime of narcotic balance. A Lifestyle of Deathstyle. They also probably contributed to The Diameter of Elvis' Colon - reportedly around 5 inches. Wide enough to keep your CD's in! This would no doubt constrict the flow of faeces - the hole in a CD centre is approx. 12 mm in diameter. But just think of those neat slim turds about a yard long that you could squirt out. Our own colons are somewhat less in diameter than Elvis' as yet - but time will tell! We're working on it! The colon, as part of our alimentary canal is really a section of outside which runs right through us, with just a bunch of wiggles and sphincters to delay the things that we throw in there long enough for us to spray acids and enzymes on! The mammalian being has appropriated a chunk of the outside to run down its inside. We must consider ourselves as tubes, walking around with an array of specialized accessories or...

Extremities like dicks, tits, brains, arms, legs, etc. which allow us to explore Extremes of Electronics on Earth and lots of other things too like...